Wall Street BANNED?

The Special Class of Stocks That Can Deliver Rapid Gains of 119%, 257%, 567%, and Even 1,000%…

That Wall Street Can’t Trade.

Including the Next Potential 1,798% Winner that Could Start to Take Off By July 8th

While most people pile into big blue chips in the hopes of squeezing out 3-4% gains a year…

A small group of special stocks can dish out life-changing returns and help smart investors build their own personal fortunes.

Like Heyu Biological Technology Corporation, which delivered a 1,100% gain.i
And Tearlach Resources Limited, which handed investors a 2,723% winner.ii
And then there was Pan American Energy Corporation, which dished out a hopping 12,578% gain.iii
If you had put just $2,500 into these three trades, you could have made $418,200 last year. 
And this is all without risky options, day trading, or anything else like that.
All you would have had to do Is buy shares of each of these stocks…

And watch as your bank account passed $100k, $200k, $300k, even $400,000.
That is life-changing money for most people.

The best part?

Wall Street can’t trade this special class of stocks.

Which means all of these gains – and all the potential money – is up for grabs by regular traders like me and you.
Including the company I’m going to tell you about today.

This company is trading for just $2 per share.

But not for long.

Because they’ve created a brand new type of “digital highway” that will help power the next version of the internet.
Web 1.0 was dial-up email…
Web 2.0 is the internet like we know it today…
But Web 3.0 is coming.
And it will encompass all of our connected devices, from our cell phones and watches, to our toasters, houses, city grid and cars.

But without this tiny company that you’re about to see, none of that will be possible.

The best part is, they’ve just inked a big deal with a major telecom provider to bring this technology to one of the largest markets in the world.                          
As you’ll see in a moment, I expect this deal will cause their share price to soar starting July 8th.

But before I get to that, let me explain exactly what these special stocks are…

Why Wall Street can’t trade them…

And why they are the single best opportunity for investors who want to make six-figures or more every single year.  

Microcap Stocks Can Be The Greatest Wealth-Building Investments Available To Regular People

The special type of stocks that I’m talking about are called microcaps.

These are companies whose market caps are anywhere between $50 million and $300 million, and a share price under $10.

If you’re an investor looking to build huge wealth…

In a short amount of time…

Microcaps could be exactly what you’re looking for.

For instance, in January 2022, Glassbridge Enterprises was trading at just around $3.85 a share. iv

By July, Glassbridge’s share price had skyrocketed all the way to $194.
That’s a 1,126% gain. v
And it would have turned a modest $2,500 investment into $30,650!

That’s a $30,000 payday, just by clicking a few buttons on your computer.

Then there’s Sunstock Inc.

In February 2022, their share price was at just $0.07. vi

But by November, shares were trading at $10. vii
That’s a 1,457% gain that would have turned $2,500 into another massive payday – this time $38,925!

But don’t think that microcap opportunities always take months to play out.

Sometimes, massive gains can happen in as little as three days.

Like it did with Renewable Innovations Inc.

On November 29th, they were trading at just $0.03 per share.

By December 2nd, their stock had jumped to $3.72! viii
That’s a 2,500% winner that would have turned $2,500 into $65,000.

Think about what you could do with an extra $65k in income.

You could build a new deck…

By a boat…
Or just go on a long vacation to Europe and not have to worry about money at all.

Heck, you could go on multiple long vacations to Europe with that kind of money!

And get this – there isn’t just one chance to make $65k or more.

Historically, there have been 30, 40, 70…
Up to 100 chances a year to grab five-figure paydays from microcap stocks.

Smaller Companies Offer FAR More Money-Making Potential Than Giant Blue Chips

We’ve all heard the standard investment advice.
“Buy and hold the blue chips,” they say.

Sure, this is a decent strategy if you’re looking to slowly grow your net worth over decades in relatively safe investments.
But unless you’re starting with a ton of money, these companies will never make you rich.

They’re simply too big already.

Do you think Apple could even double your money in a year?

Not a chance.
And there’s absolutely no universe where you 10X your money on any blue chip company.

The simple truth is, microcaps may be the only opportunity regular investors have to achieve life-changing wealth…

Without having to use complicated options or other risky trading strategies.

Of course, microcap stocks are riskier.

But greater risk means greater potential reward.
And as I’ll show you in just a moment, I’ve developed a strategy to isolate only the best microcaps…

With the highest chance of skyrocketing in value.

During backtesting, this strategy was able to pinpoint winning microcap stocks with stunning accuracy... 
Trades that would have returned 1,000% or more to lucky investors.

I’m about to show you exactly how my strategy works, but first, let me tell you who I am…

And how I was able to develop this unique trading approach.

I’ve Built My Own Wealth By Finding High-Potential, Fast-Moving Investment Opportunities

My name is Alex Reid.

I built a 7 figure investment portfolio by the time I was 29 years old.

And you know how I built it?

It wasn’t by investing in index funds and passively holding for decades.

No. I achieved my wealth by aggressively pursuing investments in cutting edge opportunities. 
Back in 2013, I was an early member in the underground chatrooms that were talking about Bitcoin.

I bought my first Bitcoin when I was just 19 years old.

Then, after college, I went to work for a billion-dollar financial research firm. For the first time in my life, I got to see how the financial markets truly operated.

It was a world-class lesson in wealth creation, and I carved out a niche for myself uncovering little-known, emerging investment opportunities. 
One of those opportunities was Ethereum.

I was an early adopter, and got into Ethereum before the crypto craze was truly sweeping across the world.

Then, in 2016, I took a small position in Tesla…when it was trading for just $43 a share.

Of course, since then, Tesla has skyrocketed more than 2,000%.
After that I co-founded a Colorado real estate investing firm…

Right as Denver was emerging as the next great American city…

And that firm’s holdings have grown to be worth multiple millions of dollars.
My point is, for more than a decade, I’ve proven my ability to discover the next “Big Thing” and get into it early.

Of course, I’ve never been able to see the future.

But I didn’t need to.

Because I’ve learned that as long as you have the right information…

The future will come to you.

And that’s especially true with microcap stocks.

The Four-Step Strategy That Can Help Pinpoint Exactly Which Microcap Stocks Are Set To Skyrocket

There are roughly 1,749 publicly-listed microcap companies.

If you added together the market caps of every single microcap stock…

They would be worth about $22.6 billion. ixx

That may seem like a big number.

But check this out:
Pfizer’s market cap?

$292 billion. 
Pfizer’s market cap?
$292 billion. 
Visa’s market cap?

$454 billion.
Visa’s market cap?
$454 billion.
Apple’s market cap?

$2.2 trillion.
Apple’s market cap?
$2.2 trillion.
Which means the entire microcap universe is only worth a small fraction of just one Fortune 500 company.

Yet that’s exactly why microcaps can be one of the best ways for regular investors to make a fortune.

Because for institutional traders, a single microcap company might as well be a microscopic grain of sand on the beach.

Even though the return potential is enormous for me and you…

Wall Street wants to own the whole beach.

A single grain of sand isn’t enough to get them out of bed.

And there’s three main reasons why: 


This is a recent order of Apple stock placed by Goldman Sachs.
Look at how many shares they purchased.
6.5 million.

Now, let’s look at Leatt Corporation.

They’re a microcap company that manufactures protective equipment for motor sports.

Last year, they returned 321% to investors. xi
But the total number of Leatt shares on the market? 

Just 5.8 million. xii

In other words:

One purchase of one major blue chip company by a big bank is worth more than every single share of a major microcap company. 

And that purchase by Goldman Sachs for 6.5 million Apple shares?

That was just one of dozens of purchases made last year. 

Simply put: 

When Wall Street moves, it moves massive volume. 

And the microcap market is simply too small for most major Wall Street banks.      
Which brings us to reason number two:


If an institution buys a stock, they need to be able to exit their position and take a profit.
But take our last Leatt Corporation example.

The total shares available were just 5.8 million.

For Leatt to even make a dent in Goldman Sachs’ balance sheet…

They would have to snap up virtually all the shares.

But then what? 
This isn’t Apple, where you have millions of people across the world salivating at the chance to buy in.

Most microcap stocks are virtually unknown to the majority of investors.

You’ll never see CNBC covering them.
Or a front page article on Bloomberg diving into their financials.

For Wall Street to make a profit…

They have to be able to move huge quantities of shares.

And microcap stocks, by definition, don’t have that many shares.

Otherwise, they’ll be stuck with an entire company’s shares on their balance sheet…

With no way to offload them.

This is called being illiquid.
And Wall Street avoids it like the plague.

So, the big funds have no way to buy a stock like Leatt Corporation.

But for regular investors, this isn’t a problem.

Even if they buy a couple thousand shares, there will still be plenty of liquidity. 
So, when the microcap delivers a 312% gain like Leatt did, it’s easy to sell your shares and take your profit.

Red Tape

The major institutions are regulated by a thorny net of regulations and red tape.
This is a good thing – it keeps Wall Street a little more honest than it otherwise would be.

But it also means that for any investment made by a place like Goldman Sachs or Blackrock…

They have to dispatch an entire team of analysts, accountants, and compliance experts to vet the company first. 
To put it simply:

For Wall Street, microcaps are so small that the juice ain’t worth the squeeze.

If there’s no way to even buy the microcap…

And no way to get out of if they do buy it…

Then it’s just a waste of time for Wall Street to even look at it!

The big players would rather spend those internal resources on bigger companies. 

Which Means The Entire $22.8 Billion Microcap Market Is Sitting There…

Ready For Regular Retail Investors To Potentially Profit From!

Which Means The Entire $22.8 Billion Microcap Market Is Sitting There…Ready For Regular Retail Investors To Potentially Profit From!

Of course, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine.

Out of all the 1,749 microcap companies currently listed…

Only a handful will dish out big gains.

Like the 372% Shineco Holdings delivered over the course of three weeks. xiiixivxv
Or the 414% winner on LXL Energy Holdings that would have turned $2,500 into $12,850 in less than a year. xvi
And the massive 3,040% return on Bit Brother Limited that would have turned that same $2,500 into a whopping $33,375! xvii
However, for every Shineco, LXL, or ShiftPixy, there are dozens of microcap companies that will fizzle and burn.
There’s a good reason Apple is worth $2.2 trillion.

Steve Jobs’ brainchild changed – and continues to change – the world with innovative products.

But guess what?

In the early 2000s, Apple was trading for just $0.80 cents per share.

It wasn’t just a microcap – it was an actual penny stock.

Of course, Apple has gone on to return over 46,750%...

And is now the most valuable company in the world.
Or take a look at Monster Beverage.

You’ve probably seen their flagship green energy drink in every convenience store you’ve ever entered.

But back in the early 2000s, Monster was trading for just $0.06 cents per share. 
It’s now trading for over $100 a share and it one of the most successful beverage companies in the world.

And let’s take a look at a more recent example:

Chip manufacturer Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).

AMD creates the computer chips that power our computers.

But in 2015, they were trading under $2 a share.

But 2022, it had climbed all the way to $155 per share.

That’s a 7,650% gain that would have turned $2,500 into an incredible $193,750!
Pretty life-changing, right?

Just imagine if you could get in on the next AMD, or the next Monster, or the next Apple.

You could build a life-long fortune in just a few years time.

You wouldn’t have to worry about bills anymore.

You could relax, visit your family whenever you wanted, say goodbye to your boss, and spend your days going to the beach or playing golf.

However, most microcaps won’t turn into the next Apple, or Monster, or AMD.

The truth is, most microcaps are microcaps for a reason.

They are companies that are poorly managed, or don’t have a good product, or both.
If you want to use microcaps to build true wealth…

And escape the 9-5 rat race that so many people get trapped in…

You have to be able to identify the microcaps with the most potential for massive, life-changing growth. 
The companies that a small investment into now, will grow and grow and grow into a five-figure, six-figure, or even a seven-figure payday.

And I’ve designed a strategy that can help you do exactly that. 

My TEN-X Strategy Can Help You Find Gains As High As 119%, 257%, 567%, And Even 1,000% Or More...

From The Best Microcap Stocks In The World! 

I call it the “TEN-X” strategy because I’m not shooting for small winners.

If I wanted a 3-4% gain I would just dump my money in an ETF.

No – I’m looking for trade opportunities that have the potential to return 1,000% or more…

In as short a time as possible.

Now, not all of them will hit 1,000%.
But even if they come up short, many of the microcaps I select can return double or triple-digit returns.

Because what I’ve discovered through more than 793 hours of backtesting the biggest microcap winners over the past ten years…

Is that the most lucrative microcap companies all share four very specific traits. 
99% of microcap companies won’t pass muster.

But almost like clockwork…

When a microcap company does check each of these four boxes…

It’s almost a shoe-in that the company will begin to skyrocket in value..

Sometimes in just a few months, weeks, or even days.

Take Core Molding Technologies, for instance.
In early October, the company passed each of the four phases of my TEN-X filter.

At the time, Core Molding was trading for just $8.85 a share.

But on October 18th, the stock kicked into high gear.

And by December 14, Core Molding’s share price had climbed to $11.69.

That’s a 32% gain – in less than two months. xviii
Over the same period the S&P 500 climbed just 8%.

Which means you could have made 4X more money had you had access to my TEN-X strategy.

That’s pretty darn good in my book.

The truth is, very few stocks can hand you a double-digit winner in less than two months.

But don’t worry if 32% isn’t big enough for you.

The gains get bigger – much bigger.

Take shipping company Safe Bulkers for example. 
In April 2021, the stock had met each of the four criteria of my TEN-X strategy.

At the time, it was trading for just $2.12 per share.

But almost immediately after my strategy would have picked up on it…

Safe Bulkers began to climb.

By May, it had doubled, to $4.21 a share.

But it wasn’t done.

By the time December rolled around, Safe Bulkers’ share price had gone on a massive tear.

Eventually topping out at $5.28. xixxx 

That’s a 149% gain that could have turned $2,500 into $6,225.
Not bad for a Christmas present, right?

But why settle for a $6k payday?

Because by using my TEN-X strategy, the gain potential gets even bigger. xxi

Which means you could potentially pocket even more money.

Let’s take a look at Destination XL Group, Inc. 
They’re an apparel company trading on the NASDAQ.

Over the course of eleven months, Destination XL skyrocketed 3,177%.  xxii
Before Destination began its massive climb, it checked each of the four boxes of my TEN-X strategy.

And if you had been able to use TEN-X back then, you would have had the chance to transform $2,500 into $81,925.

That’s more than the average American’s full-time salary.

Imagine waking up and seeing an extra $81k in your bank account.

That’s why I’m so excited to show you all the details of my TEN-X strategy today. 

Why These Four Letters Could Help You Achieve Financial Freedom

T. E. N. X.

Each letter stands for one very specific trait…

That some of the biggest microcap winners all have in common.

After 793 hours of backtesting the biggest microcap winners of the past decade…

I discovered that the four things can predict – with wild accuracy – which microcap companies will return ludicrous gains to investors…

And when.

Total Addressable Market

The total addressable market represents the revenue potential of a microcap.

I only want microcaps that can make me rich.

Which means even if these companies are small now…
They need to have the ability to be much bigger in the future.

But in order for a microcap to skyrocket in value…

It has to create a product or service that’s in high demand.

For instance, a microcap that sells parts for the growing solar energy industry is far more valuable than a company that sells sewing machines.

The first company has the potential to massively grow its revenue.

The second company, not so much.

So, before I do anything else, I determine whether or not the company’s product has enough upside to translate into a big payday.

The total addressable market usually needs to be at least 10X bigger than the company’s current market cap. 


Remember, we want to get in on the microcap companies that are cheap right now…

But will be worth a lot in the future.

And we measure that by looking at how much the company is making, compared to the price of its shares. 
This is called the P/E ratio.

I’ll save you the math, but the simplest way to think of the P/E ratio is this:

The lower the P/E ratio, the better.

Because that means the stock is trading at a discount relative to the money it’s making. 
That’s why I usually narrow down my search to only the microcaps that have a P/E ratio of 30 or less.

This isn’t valued too high yet, and could potentially hand me a double, triple, or quadruple-digit gain. 

Near-Term Gross Margin

So, a company has a large market to sell into.

And they’re making money.

But how scalable is their business?

To answer that, I turn to near-term gross margin.

Gross margin is the most basic business concept out there.

It’s revenue minus the costs of goods sold.
If a company can’t sell a product for more than it costs to produce, then it’s not going to survive very long.

This is arguably the most important trait of a successful microcap.

And I use near-term gross margin because I’m investing now.

Which means I want to know how the company is doing now…not six months ago.

X Factor

The very last step of my strategy helps me figure out when to enter a trade.

Because I don’t want to buy a microcap and then wait six months for it to rise.

I want to get in, and start seeing a positive return as quick as possible.

That’s where the X-Factor comes in.

This is catalyst that can cause a stock to start climbing.

The X-Factor catalyst can come in a variety of forms:
It could be an earnings release that beats expectations…

It could be a major supply deal that gets inked…

Or in the case of a biotech company, it could be positive trial results.

Whatever it is, I wait for this final piece to fall into place.
But once I uncover the X-Factor that will cause a microcap to soar in value…

I pounce.

That’s all it takes. 


With Just Those Four Letters, I’ve Been Able To Isolate Some Of The Biggest Microcap Winners Over The Past Ten Years!

Let’s take a look at Pyxis Tankers Inc. to show you exactly how TEN-X works. 
Pyxis is a maritime shipping company that trades on the NASDAQ.
They specialize in transporting liquid petroleum products, vegetable oils, and liquid chemicals around the globe.

Back in January 2022, Pyxis’ market cap was a measly $20 million.

But the liquid tanker market is huge.

It’s worth over $31 billion per year.  xxiii 
The company’s total addressable market was far more than 10X their current market cap.

Which meant there was serious upside potential.

Let’s move on to the next step.

“E” for earnings.

Was Pyxis trading at a discount and have room to rise?

Remember, we figure this out by looking at the price to earnings ratio (P/E ratio).

If it’s below 30, it means the stock is undervalued compared to its earnings.

And sure enough, in the early days of 2022, Pyxis actually had a negative P/E ratio. xxiv

That means the company had been losing money.

But don’t worry – this is rarely as bad a sign as you may think.

After all, Amazon had a negative P/E ratio for years. xxv

But of course, it still would have been an amazing buy.

And the same held true for Pyxis.
The global COVID lockdowns had been hurting the shipping company for some time. 

But in early 2022, it was obvious that the world would have to open up soon. 

And because Pyxis’ P/E ratio was so undervalued…

The company was going for dirt cheap compared to its actual value.     
Not only that, but because I had my TEN-X strategy, I saw something that you would have missed if you were solely focused on earnings.

For three quarters running, Pyxis had been pulling in a fat gross margin of between 13% and 30%. xxvi

Remember, I’m looking for near-term gross margins of 10%.

But Pyxis’ had been crushing that for the past three quarters.
The stage was set for Pyxis’ to pay out big.

The only question left was:


What was the “X-Factor” catalyst that would cause the stock to take off?
The answer was hiding in a series of press releases published in the latter half of 2021.

What I’m about to show is the reason why so very few people are able to successfully invest in microcap stocks.

And it’s what gives me the edge. 
You see, it takes hard work to find companies on the verge of a major breakout.

But I put in that hard work.

And as your about to see, the fruits of my labor can be extraordinary.

In July, Pyxis announced the purchase of a state of the art cargo vessel. xxvii
Then in December, it purchased another one.  xxviii
I love seeing a company invest in itself.
Because when a good company upgrades its equipment, products, or services, that’s when it becomes a great company.
And Pyxis’ was loading up on new vessels.

When the lockdowns ended, they wanted to have a modern, well-equipped fleet to keep up with the post-COVID demand.

These two purchases were like kindling.

But what really set the company off, was a press release issued on January 4th, 2022. 
Pyxis announced that it was selling two old, outdated tankers.

This would mean an immediate influx of cash, and that Pyxis would have, in the words of CEO Valentios Valentis, a truly “modern fleet” capable of taking advantage of improving market conditions. xxix

Pyxis was locked and loaded.

And to add kerosene to this spark, in early 2022, the world began to shrug off lockdowns, and the global economy began to open up again in a big way…

Sending demand for everything through the roof!

And Pyxis was ready and waiting.

On January 24th, the company was trading for just $1.62.

By June, it had jumped to $3 – nearly doubling in six months.

But it kept going.

On December 9th, 2022, Pyxis had hit $5.87. xxx

That’s a 262% gain!
Having access to my TEN-X strategy back then would have given you the chance to turn $2,500 into $9,050 on Pyxis in less than a year!

Want to make more?

Well, you could have turned $5,000 into $18,100.

Or $10,000 into $36,200! 

By Following Along With My TEN-X Strategy, You Could Set Yourself Up For Paydays Of $30K Or More! 

Imagine making enough in one trade to buy a brand new Ford F-150. 
Or pay for a remodel of your house, complete with a new deck, modern bathrooms, and a basement that turns into a home movie theater, cocktail lounge AND gameroom.
You could have paid for any of that with just one microcap trade!

But you want to know the best part?

My TEN-X strategy didn’t just find ONE trade…

It found DOZENS of highly-profitable microcap trades.

In just the last year alone!

Like this one on CPI Card Group.
CPI is a payment technology company, that specializes in credit cards, contactless payments, and cloud-based payment infrastructure for banks.

Flashback to April 2022, and CPI had a market cap of just $130 million – the perfect amount for a microcap. xxxi
And the size of the entire payment technology industry?

$49 billion. xxxii

That’s more than 370x bigger than CPI’s market cap.
Next, I had to see if the share price of CPI was a good deal.

Too high, and there wouldn’t be enough room for a major gain.

To figure that out, I once again turned to price-to-earnings ratio.

That’s how much a company makes vs. the price it trades at.

Remember, I’m looking for a ratio less than 30.

This tells me that a company is trading for less than it’s worth.

And look at that:

In April 2022 CPI’s P/E ratio was 8.73. xxxiii
At this point, I’m getting excited.

Based on the total addressable market and earnings, I’m starting to think that CPI could be geared up for massive growth…

And a fat payday for investors. 
But what happens when that growth starts?

Will CPI go to the moon, then fizzle, and return back to Earth just as fast?

Because that’s not what I’m looking for.

I might be investing in small companies, but I expect them to be good companies. 
Not fly-by-night penny stocks.

Which means they have to have a business In place that can handle significant growth.

Enter near-term gross margin.

Are they selling their product for more than it costs them to make it?

In CPI’s case, that was a huge “Yes!”

In April 2022, their gross margin was a whopping 36%.

Which means – even if their growth came with more overhead costs – they would still be able to comfortably cover all of it, with still some left in the bank. 
And the company was a whopping “Buy” for me.

The only question left was:

When would CPI’s share price start to spike?

Well, let me introduce you to FirstBank. 
They’re one of the largest private banks in the nation with over 100 locations in the Mountain West and California and more than $27 billion in assets.

FirstBank started from humble beginnings in 1963, and has since grown to be one of the largest privately held banks in the nation with over $27 billion in assets and over 100 locations throughout Colorado, Arizona, and California.
If you’ve ever gone into a bank to get a new card, you know you usually have to wait a few days.


Because to create a credit card requires a specializes type of hardware to create the card itself.

Then, you have to use sophisticated encryption software to program the card.

This tech plus software combo has traditionally been too hard for an individual branch to maintain.

Which is why headquarters has to make the cards.

But CPI card group developed a SaaS platform and hardware combo that allows branches to create new cards instantly.

It’s called Card@Once.

And on May 3rd, 2022, CPI Card Group announced a major deal with Firstbank to supply their Card@Once product to branches across the country. xxxiv

This deal was worth millions for CPI.

And it was the exact catalyst I was looking for. 
What happened next?

Prior to the deal with Firstbank, CPI shares were $11.

But after the deal was announced, on May 9th, the share price of CPI started to take off.

Rising, rising, and rising.

By August, it had hit $18.

By November – $28.

And by December, CPI was trading at $33 per share.  xxxv
That’s a 200% winner.

And would have turned $2,500 into $7,500.

$5,000 into $15,000.

And $10,000 into $30,000!

All in just about six short months. 

Now Instead Of One Or Two Trades That Could Pay Out $30K Or More In Profits…

Imagine If You Had 5, 10, Even 20 Every Single Year! 

If you made $30k on every trade, that would add up to $600k a year.

But let’s get more conservative.

Say you just put $500 into 20 trades…

And those trades averaged a gain of 175%.

You would still make $27,500 in extra income.

That’s not bad.

And if you put more down, say $2,500…

You could be looking at $68,750 in microcap profits!

That’s more than the average American’s salary.

All of a sudden, that Ford-F150 doesn’t seem so spectacular.

Instead, what about parking a beautiful BMW M4 in your driveway?
No one would believe that you actually made the money to buy it from trading.

It would be up to you whether or not to let them in on the secret.

But why keep it to yourself?

Because the opportunities to make a fortune in the microcap market just keep on coming!

Take Step Energy Services.

This tiny company handed investors a 369% gain in just eight months! xxxvi
Or the 80% gain on Amplify Technologies.

It might have been smaller – but I’m never going to turn my nose up at a double-digit winner.

Especially when it only takes 34 days to play out! xxxvii
Then there was the 100% winner on Petrus Resources in May of 2022. xxxviii

That one took just over two months!
And check out this huge gain of 1,181% on Pieridae Energy Limited.  xxxix
That would have turned $2,500 into $33,025 – in seven months!

But these are just the beginning.

Look at all of these huge microcap winners that you could have been a part of in 2022. 

In 2022, There Were 139 Microcaps That Dished Out A Double Or Triple-Digit Gain…

And The TEN-X Strategy Could Have Helped You Find The Best Ones!

Like the trade on Bel Fuse Inc.
In February 2022, their market cap was only $150 million. xl

But the electronics market that Bel Fuse works in?

That’s worth $286.3 billion. xli
Bel Fuse’s P/E ratio was 8.24 at the time. xlii
Their gross margin was 24%. 
The “T” the “E” and the “N” were all set.

All I was looking for was the X-Factor that would send Bel Fuse shares higher.

That came in the form of their earnings call for the last quarter of 2021.

Bel Fuse crushed all expectations. xliii

Their earnings had more than doubled, they finished the year with a backlog of order worth $468 million, and they demolished all analyst expectations. 
At the time, the share price was hovering around $12.

But almost immediately after the earnings calls, the share price started to climb.

By November, Bel Fuse had reached a peak share price of $37.

That’s a 208% gain!
It doesn’t matter what the company does.

It could sell soap, make satellites, or mine rare earth minerals.

As long as it’s a microcap, my TEN-X strategy has shown again and again, and again that it can help determine if the company is set to skyrocket in price…

And exactly when it could hand out a big payday to well-timed investors.

Like Cipher Pharmaceuticals. 
They produce a range of niche drugs for various dermatological (skin) issues, including acne.

The global dermatology drugs market is over $18 billion. xliv

In July 2022, Cipher’s market cap was $55 million.

So, the total addressable market was huge. 
Cipher’s P/E ratio at the time was 5. xlv

So, it was trading at an excellent discount. 
Their near-term gross margin was 38%. xlvi

Which meant they would have no problem scaling profitably.
And then, on August 11th, not only did Cipher report a positive earnings statement…

They also reported that one of the drugs in their portfolio had received positive trial results, and would be moving on to the final phase of testing. xlvii

In the biotech world, this is big news.

And that was the catalyst I needed. 
Cipher Pharmaceuticals passed each of the steps in my TEN-X strategy.

On August 11th, it was trading for $2.20 a share.

But by December 9th, it had jumped to $3.96.

A quick 80% winner.

Starting with a $2,500 position, you could have made a quick $2k in extra money. 
You know how much you would have made over the same time period if you had invested in the S&P 500?


Actually it’s even worse than that.

Because the S&P actually fell 7%. 
Which means you would have lost money!

$2,000 in extra income…

Or money being drained from your bank account?

I know which one I would pick.

And I hope you would make the same decision. 

Microcaps Have The Potential For Big Wins… Even In A Down Market

This is another reason I love microcaps – they tend to behave differently from the market as a whole.

Big blue chips like Amazon? They generally move with the overall economy and other blue chips.

If Amazon is down… there’s a good chance that Microsoft and Apple will be too.

But microcaps are playing a very different game. Good microcaps are unlocking NEW areas of value – and can move in wildly different directions from the economy as a whole.

So, even during a recession, microcaps can deliver huge gains.

Imagine what your life could be like just 12 months from now…

If you had the opportunity to invest in just a few of the opportunities my TEN-X strategy can find? 
No more putting your money into someone else’s hands and hoping for the best.

This could be your ticket to taking control of your financial destiny.

And leaving something for your family, or just maximizing your own life.

While everyone else is reading the news and biting their nails, hoping that their 401(k)s won’t plummet…

You could have the opportunity to profit wildly from amazing microcap companies – again and again.

Like you could have on Hudson Technologies.
They build eco-compliant products for industrial refrigeration systems.

In March 2022, their market cap was $260 million. xlviii

But the industrial refrigeration market?

That’s worth $19 billion. xlix

By this point, you know what that means. 
Their p/e ratio in March was 4.4.  l
Their gross margin was 16%. li

Which is above my target of 10%. 
Then, during their earnings call on March 8th, the CEO announced a deal to supply eco-friendly refrigerant products to AprilAire, one of the leading home air quality companies. lii
And I think you can guess what happened next.
Between March 8th and December 12th, Hudson’s share price skyrocketed 198%! 
Yet, I bet you never heard about Hudson Technologies on CNBC.

It wasn’t covered in the Wall Street Journal.

And even though it could have doubled your money in less than a year…

Your financial advisor probably doesn’t even know the company exists. 

The Microcap Market Is A $22.8 Billion Hidden Goldmine…Waiting To Hand Out Serious Money To Lucky Investors. 

The Microcap Market Is A $22.8 Billion Hidden Goldmine…

Waiting To Hand Out Serious Money To Lucky Investors. 

In a world of algorithmic trading, meme stocks, and insider trading…

The microcap world is one of the few places where regular investors actually have an edge. 
You’re not going to get rich trading Apple stock.

You’re competing against algorithms that operate faster than the blink of an eye.

Designed by some of the smartest mathematicians in the world. 
And no, you’re not the one “discovering” a new investment opportunity if you hear about it on TV.

By the time most investment ideas get filtered down to regular people…

The market has already priced in any potential move.

This is called the “efficient market” hypothesis.

And it means that 99% of investors will never be able to beat the average gains of say, an index fund that tracks the whole market.

But guess what?

It’s been PROVEN that the microcap market is the only place where the “efficient market” doesn’t hold water.

In 1982, professors Avner Arbel and Paul Strebel published a study titled:
They found that small companies outperformed large companies on a risk-adjusted basis.

Basically, at the same level of risk, you would make more money investing in small companies.

But here’s the kicker…

And the reason why I’m telling you about this study.

The two authors also found that the less analyst coverage there was on a company…
The better it performed.

In other words, everyone talks about Google.

And in 2022, it’s stock has dropped 44%.

But does anyone talk about Evergreen Gaming Corporation?

Which has returned 127% this year? 
Or American Realty Investors, which has dished out a 103% gain?
Or Cathedral Energy Services, which could have more than doubled your money this past year?  liii
Of course not!
But that didn’t mean they weren’t great companies, with great products, ready to deliver even greater profits.

And because the mainstream didn’t hype them up…

The masses of people didn’t pile in…

And those gains weren’t eaten away.

Instead, savvy investors could have turned a $2,500 position into each of those three plays into a total payday of $16,925.

Of course, many microcaps are not good companies.

And they do carry more risk than blue chip stocks.

That’s why investors should never put more money down than they’re willing to lose.

But if you can combine the explosive potential of microcap companies…

With the kind of detailed, rigorous research of a blue chip…

Then the profit opportunities are endless!

Which is exactly what my TEN-X strategy does.

My TEN-X Strategy Has Just Identified A Brand New Microcap Trade Opportunity…

That I Expect Could Hand Out A 1,798% Winner – Starting July 8th! 

Right now, this company is trading for just $2 a share.
But it’s lighting up each of the four steps of my TEN-X strategy.

And I expect it to be one of my biggest trades yet. 
You see, we might think we live in a wireless world.

After all our phones, routers, and smart toasters can all beam data through the air around us.

But to get that data to data centers, to have those data centers communicate with other data centers…
Heck, even to have the wireless internet in your own home…

All of it requires fiber optic cables.

They’re like the “digital highway” of our interconnected world. The physical layer that makes the internet possible.

Of course, someone needs to create these fiber optic cables.

Which is exactly what this small $2 company does.

They work with thousands of businesses, governments, and telecom companies to provide various fiber optic products. 
This company’s market cap is $196 million. liv

But as the world gets more connected…
And the demands on the internet grow…

We’re going to need a lot more bandwidth.

To deliver bandwidth, you need fiber optic cables. 
Today, the market size for fiber optic cables is $4.5 billion.

But by 2028, it’s expected to grow to $9.7 billion. lv

That’s more than 49x the size of this company right now.

Which means they’ll have plenty of room to grow. 
This cable company’s P/E ratio is 29. lvi

Right under my cut-off of 30.

This means that the stock is still undervalued and trading at a discount.

In other words, it’s a good buy.
I’m looking for anything over 10%.

Over 10%, and that means the company will be better able to absorb the costs of growth and still turn a profit.

This small firm’s margin is at 13%. lvii
But here’s the big question:

Right now, this company is just $2 a share.

But what’s going to send it to $10, $15, and eventually the $75 that I’m predicting?

The simple answer:

More deals.

More deal equals more money.

And guess what?

This company just signed what I consider to be a “first domino” type of deal.

This is the kind of deal that puts them on the map.

The kind of deal that makes their reputation.

After this deal, every other deal will be easier to close.

Which means the next deals will happen faster, for more money.

In other words, like dominoes. 
But what is the deal?

On December 19th, this company announced that they will upgrade the fiber optic infrastructure of one of Europe’s largest internet exchange operators.

You can think of an internet exchange like the switchboard operator of the web.

If you have Comcast, but send an email to someone with Verizon…
At some point, that data has to switch from one internet provider to the other one.

That’s where the exchanges come in.

This particular exchange has over 100 data centers across the Netherlands and Germany. lviii

And the company I’m watching is going to be supplying fiber optic cables to all of them.

This is a whale of a deal.

And it’s going to be worth tens of millions of dollars.
For such a small company, this sudden revenue injection will be like speed.

Even though the company is trading for just $2 now…

I’m going on record to say that it could soon be worth $75.

Which isn’t so far-fetched when you look at some of its competitors.

Like Belden Inc., which trades for $72. lix

Cienna Corporation, which reached a high of $76. lx

And Lumentum Holdings Inc which hit an all-time high of $106 in 2021. lxi

Now, here’s the important part:

I expect the stock to start rising as soon as this small company begins work on the project.

Based on my research, that could happen by July 8th.

Which is why it’s critical you get in now.
The good news is, I’ve put together all the details of this investment in a special report – My Next TEN-X Microcap Play – that I want to send you in just a moment.
Each microcap investing idea I uncover requires at least 100 hours of research.

After all, very few analysts – if any – cover them.

Which means my team and I have to do all leg work ourselves.

Obviously, with all the work that goes into finding the most high-profit potential microcaps…

I can’t just give them away for free.

Instead, I want to do something better. 

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It usually takes 100 hours to vet a microcap investment.

Now, you could do this yourself.

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Alex Reid
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To your wealth,
Alex Reid
Founder, Breakout Wealth